All About Nanna Higgins & Grandma's House Online

Nanna Higgins

When I was a child my mother and I lived in my grandparents' home for eight of the first nine years of my life.  That inevitably led me to develop a particularly close relationship with my grandmother.  Grandma's House Online was set up in order to provide the same kind of grandmotherly presence I had the enormous good fortune to have experienced.

I've been married for close to 40 years to the long-suffering Greg. We have three children who have managed to date to produce four beautiful grandchildren.  When our children were very young, I didn't want to go out to work, but did want to contribute to the family finances. I therefore became a family day care mother to approximately twenty children over a period of three years, caring for pre-schoolers in my own home whilst their parents were at work.

Here at Grandma's House Online my main focus is on reading books to your child - lots of books -  but I'll also be telling stories centred around a dolls house, a farm and a train set with the odd nursery rhyme thrown in for good measure.  I've recorded some knitting, pom pom and tassel making tutorials, as well as videos showing children how to draw a dinosaur and how to create simple meals and tasty treats.  There'll be many more to come, as I have lots more videos on a variety of topics in the pipeline. I have been referred to as the "virtual Mary Poppins" in various media outlets, not because I'll fly in on the end of an umbrella, but because I'm here to entertain your children with good wholesome entertainment online (no tea parties on the ceiling though!).

In a fast and ever-changing world, we need to prepare children for a future we can't even begin to imagine.  My greatest wish is to foster a love of reading in children and encourage them to spend time in creative activities.  This can only help develop curious, imaginative minds, whose owners will mould their own futures and accept responsibility for their own actions. My purpose is to aid that first step in their journey by developing in all children a love of books and a thirst for knowledge, which will stay with them forever.

Helen Higgins